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Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

José Diogo Neves testis Vanguard Audio Labs V13 lampmikrofoni

"This is a world-class microphone!" ütles José Diogo Neves pärast Vanguard Audio Labs V13 lampmikrofoni testimist. Loe lähemalt:

"During the past month I had the opportunity to extensively use the Vanguard V13, the Vanguard Audio Labs large-diaphragm multi-pattern valve condenser microphone! I´ve used it on drums, vocals, guitars (acoustic & electric), and even upright piano and I was very impressed.

On vocals it was very versatile, meaning, no matter what singer or type of voice I had, it always worked, so its safe to say this microphone is not picky! On the drums it added a beautiful tone to the snare! I tried it as a OH and as a snare mic.

This is a world-class microphone! It´s very precise, no matter what you put in front of it! Its a workhorse. I am a recent Vanguard Audio Labs user, and I am really impressed and excited about using these microphones.

During winter NAMM Vanguard released a new toy, the V4, which is a mono version of the V44S, very curious to try it out!"

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Vanguard Audio Labs mikrofonide müügiinfo Eestis:

+372 5399 1710


How did our V13 Tube Condenser stack up against a vintage U67, U87, & U47? Read the below comments from the legendary Castle Recording Studios in Franklin, TN: - "Did a little shootout today. The Vanguard [V13] was impressive even going up against these heavy hitters. It’s tonality was closest to the U47...It also seems to have a little bit of a bump in the low mids in comparison to the others, which isn’t too surprising given that most Neumanns are a little scoopy down there. All around it’s very impressive for the price...for everything we did today we kept it in cardioid, but I’m curious to try the other patterns in different applications." - Check what more audio professionals are saying about the $749US Vanguard V13 Tube Condenser on our website. Link in bio. - Thanks to Castle Recording Studios for the shot, figuratively and literally. Check out their incredible studio that has recorded Bob Dylan, Brad Paisley, Bon Jovi, Snoop Dogg, and more... - #vanguardaudiolabs #microphone #microphones #miclocker #micporn #gearporn #studioporn #audioengineer #audioengineering #recordingengineer #recording #recordingstudio #musicstudio #homestudio #studiosetup #neumann #telefunken #warmaudio #akg #producer #producerlife #musicproducer #musicproduction ##tubemic #tubemicrophone #geartalk #studioflow #protools #castlerecording