msonic Baltic Tehnika koos hea nõuga stuudiosse, koju ja kontserdile
Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Mojave Audio microphones: MA-300 multi-pattern large diaphragm, vacuum tube condenser microphone, MA-50 & MA-301 fet (a multi-pattern large diaphragm, solid-state condenser microphone)! Microphones with a lot of body, warmth, detail and character! I honestly have no complaints about these microphones, except maybe the fact that the MA-50, a transformerless microphone, is a bit less bold in the mid-range as other microphones of the same price range, but still a good piece of gear to have in your studio. Mojave microphones are a great choice for a budget studio because of its price, sound & versatility. For more information check out @mojaveaudio & @msonicbaltic websites!

msonic Baltic

msonic Baltic OÜ on spetsialiseerunud rahvusvaheliselt tunnustatud brändide maaletoomisele. Mikrofonidest kõlariteni ja kõik mis sinna vahele kuulub.