msonic Baltic Tehnika koos hea nõuga kontserdile ja stuudiosse
Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Discovered this epic Chinese traditional instrument during today’s session with OOPUS, the hulusõ (hulusi in english). The hulusi was originally used primarily in the Shan State of Myanmar and Yunnan province, in particular by the Dai people who call the instrument "pi lamtao"! Microphone selection: vanguard audio labs v13 @oopusmusic @vanguardaudiolabs @msonicbaltic

Following up my post about the V44S: it sounds simply epic on drums! The detail, definition and stereo image is so good! I will use this microphone in my upcoming sessions for sure! Now, I've also been testing the Vanguard V13. It is a large-diaphragm multi-pattern valve condenser microphone, I will post my review about it soon! Stay tuned! For more information on these microphones and how to purchase them, visit msonic Baltic & Vanguard Audio Labs websites! Photo by @msonicbaltic & @kaurkenk! @vanguardaudiolabs #vanguardaudiolabs #v13 #v44s #soundengineer #msonicbaltic #lifeofasoundengineer #studio #studiowork #studiolife #studiorecording #microphones #vanguardaudiolabsmicrophones #universalaudio #uaudio #audionerd #studiosessions #drums #drumsrecording

msonic Baltic

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