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Flock Audio PATCH APP v2.0 versiooniuuenduse tutvustus

Flock Audio PATCH APP versiooniuuenduse V2.0 tutvustus ja lisainfo!

Flock Audio PATCH on analoog patchbayde tulevik – digitaalne kontroll, analoog routing.

PATCH APP v2.0 adds a new level of flexibility, workflow enhancements and performance upgrades to the already highly praised analog routing system. PATCH APP v2.0 is a Free Upgrade for all PATCH System users.

[New Features Include:]
0:00 - Introduction
0:40 - Application Scale Size Options
2:20 - Additional User Preferences (Fan Controls, Language Preferences, Font Types etc.)
3:45 - Click + Drag to Resize the Overall PATCH APP Size
5:03 - No Wifi/Network Requirement
5:30 - No Software Registration Key Requirement
5:45 - Stored Default Launch Routing
6:52 - Stored Routings Section "Tips & Tricks"
8:38 - Movable Path Selection
9:22 - New Key Commands (Bypass, Remove & Rearrange)
10:52 - Stereo Paring/Grouping Feature Addition
13:15 - Setup Stereo Pairing Options (Hardware Setup Menu)
14:10 - Outro

The Flock Audio PATCH System is the worlds most advanced digitally controlled 100% analog routing system for recording studios, broadcast facilities and audio production suites.

Patent Pending Technology developed by Flock Audio allows Audio Engineers and Producers to create simple or complex routing configurations with a simple drag & drop software application called The PATCH APP (OSX & Windows Compatible). Used by audio professionals worldwide, the PATCH System offers enhanced workflows and flexibility options never before possible with traditional routing matrix's &/or patch bays.

Flock Audio PATCH on meie Tallinna showroomis kohapeal saadaval! Võtke julgelt ühendust!

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