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Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Facebook post by Flock Audio Inc.

Luke Pimentel is Multi-Gold & Platinum Selling Mixing & Mastering Engineer from Riverside California. Luke’s studio the “The FunAttic” includes a number of top level professional audio tools that most engineers only dream of one day owning. Luke’s choices in gear is taken very seriously and we’re honoured that he’s been using a Flock Audio PATCH System in his studio for a few months now with exceptional feedback. Heres what he had to say… … "Patchbays have been haunting me since I was a kid back in the radio station days. In over 25 years, it is hard for me to recall joyful moments while dealing with patch cables. While I recognize how useful they are in a studio, the amount of time that we spend with routing can easily become counter productive and quite frustrating. PATCH is a system that makes sense to every engineer/studio who has relied on a jurassic routing technology. If you want to have every single routing possibility available, instant routing recalls, stability without sonic compromises and time to spend creating instead of troubleshooting, the future is here. It has arrived a few decades late, but it is finally here to stay.” …. Order your Flock Audio PATCH System Today! ( - #flockaudiopatch #patchsystem #flockaudio #patchbay #patchbays #studio #studios #recording #recordingstudio #audioengineer #proaudio