msonic Baltic Tehnika koos hea nõuga stuudiosse, koju ja kontserdile
Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Took this Sphere L22 Microphone high precision, dual-capsule, large-diaphragm condenser studio microphone for a ride and was really impressed with the results! Which to be honest, was a big surprise, I wasn’t expecting to like it so much! In the tests I ran it worked the best for vocals and I was really happy with the results. The fact that I can control/manipulate off-axis effects, microphone choice and polar patterns after the recording is a huge advantage and the software works really well (I used the Universal Audio plugins: Townsend Labs Sphere, The Bill Putnam Mic Collection & Ocean Way Microphone Collection). If you are on a budget and looking for a versatile choice, this might be the one! For more info check out @uaudio, @msonicbaltic or @townsendlabs