msonic Baltic Tehnika koos hea nõuga stuudiosse, koju ja kontserdile
Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

TF-47, MA-300, C414-TLII ja U87 ai mikrofonide võrdlus

This is a shootout between 4 mics in my studio's mic locker: Telefunken TF47, Mojave MA300, Neumann U87ai, AKG C414TLII.

All 4 were used to track vocal, upright bass and drums as sets of passes with matching mic. The guitar was recorded earlier, and is the only part to stay consistent (ribbon mic). I used a Fopcusrite ISA 428mkII for tracking because it is an open, transparent, neutral sounding preamp. I matched gain going into the preamp, so channel saturation would be basically equal across takes. High quality headphones or studio monitors are recommended as the differences are subtle.

You can download 24/96 wav files here:

There is also the "reveal" of which take is which in that dropbox. I recommend watching and listening first.

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