msonic Baltic Tehnika koos hea nõuga stuudiosse, koju ja kontserdile
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Genelec Room Acoustics & Atmos Workshop with Anders Nyman

Genelec ja msonic Baltic kutsuvad kõiki ruumiakustika ja ümbritseva heli töötuppa msonic Baltic showroomis Tallinnas, Kultuurikatla helistuudios.

NB! English version below!


  • Ruumiakustika põhitõed ja kõlarite paigutus ruumis
  • Kuidas valida õiged kõlarid ning tööriistad
  • Kõlarite kalibreerimine sh näited nii analoog- kui ka SAM-kõlarite kalibreerimisest
  • Atmose töövoogude ja tööriistade põhitõed
  • Kuulamissessioonid Atmos seadistusega ning uute 8381A SAM™ Adaptive Point Source kõlarite ja 9320A Reference kontrolleri tutvustamine

Töötoa toimumisajad:

Esmaspäev, 8. aprill 15:00 - 18:00
Teisipäev, 9. aprill 10:00 - 13:00 ja 17:00 - 20:00
Kolmapäev, 10. aprill 11:00 - 14:00

Töötuba on kõigile tasuta, ent piiratud arvu kohtade tõttu on registreerimine kohustuslik, registreerimisvorm on artikli lõpus.

Töötuba toimub inglise keeles ja kestab umbes 3 tundi, iga seanss on sama sisuga.

Tule ruumiakustika ja ümbritseva heli töötuppa ning täienda enda teadmisi Geneleci tehniku juhendamisel. Anders Nyman Genelecist vastab hea meelega teie küsimustele ja annab head nõu.

msonic Baltic Tallinna showroomi Kultuurikatla helistuudios pääseb kõige paremini Kultuurikatla korstna all olevast A-sissepääsust aadressil Kursi 3, 10415 Tallinn, Eesti.

Küsimuste korral helistage: +372 5399 1710

🇬🇧 Genelec and msonic Baltic invite everyone to a workshop on room acoustics and immersive audio at msonic Baltic showroom in Tallinn, Kultuurikatel's sound studio.


  • Basics of room acoustics and in-room speaker response
  • How do you choose the correct monitor speakers and tools to help you on the way
  • Speaker calibration including examples on how to calibrate both analog and SAM speakers
  • Basics in Atmos workflow and tools
  • Listening sessions with both the Atmos setup and also introducing the new 8381A SAM™ Adaptive Point Source Main Monitors and 9320A Reference monitor controller

Workshop session times:

Monday, 8 April 15:00 - 18:00
Tuesday, 9 April 10:00 - 11:00 and 17:00 - 20:00
Wednesday, 10 April 11:00 - 14:00

The workshop is free of charge for everyone but registration is required to a session of your choice due to limited places. Registration form is in the footer of the article.

The workshop is in English and lasts about 3 hours, each session has the same content.

Join us to improve your knowledge on room acoustics and immersive audio under the guidance of a Genelec factory technician. Anders Nyman from Genelec will be happy to answer your questions and give good advice.

The best way to access msonic Baltic Tallinn's showroom is from Kultuurikatel's A-entrance below the tall chimney at Kursi 3, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia.

In case of questions, please call us: +372 5399 1710

As a musician I listen to my track or some part of it at least about 100 times while working on it before I can put it out for people. So I know how my music sounds. Recently, however, I have discovered previously unheard details in my own music. I had a plan to focus on one of my projects so I had an escape in Estonian nature in a wooden house. The acoustics were brilliant and genelec_oy One 8341 speakers performed beautifully! The listening experience was beyond satisfying and even resulted in expanding my critical listening skills 🤯 As a user of 8320A + 7350 + GLM I have first met the msonicbaltic crew quite some time before pandemics and have been forever grateful for advice given, opportunities, discussions about products, sound and last but not least, possibility to test the gear in real life environment 🔉🔉🔉 I seriously recommend you to consider upgrading your listening environment with a Genelec SAM speaker solution or at least go hear it for yourself. Contact Karmo from msonic Baltic crew for advice, testing and price quotes, he helped me well: 📯 or +372 5399 1710 🛒 #genelec #msonicBaltic #musicstudio #musicproduction #speakers