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Audeze LCD-X kõrvaklappide arvustus | José Diogo Neves

Helirežissöör ja õppejõud José Diogo Neves testis hiljuti Audeze LCD-X Reference-seeria kõrvaklappe ja need avaldasid talle väga muljet. Palusime tal seepeale nende kohta paar sõna kirjutada. Jätsime saadud mõtted vahetuse eesmärgil muutmata ja inglise keelde nii, nagu José need meile saatis:

"I am not a big fan of open back headphones, at all. Having said that, I love these Audeze headphones!

Trust me, I tried to find problems and excuses not to like them, but I can ́t. I threw all I could think off at it, and it kept handling it with class and super transparent smooth sound, with excellent transient response and very accurate tone. It ́s Audeze's most popular headphone pair, and now I understand why."

Many say the LCD-X is the most neutral of the LCD Collection; they’re used by sound engineers and musicians to create the most accurate recordings. Just Google Manny Marroquin, Stuart Hawkes, Frank Filipetti, Ed Cherney, George Massenburg, Elliot Scheiner, or Brent Burge for a few examples of our Audeze users. They do a great job of translating your mix to the real world. The X and the closed-back XC are sensitive enough to be driven directly by portable players like iPods, iPhones, and some of the better smartphones, but you’ll enjoy better sound with an external amplifier. Its impedance is 20 ohms. –

"I was worried about the headphones weight when I first start using it but quickly understood that wouldn ́t be an issue. I used them for weeks and hours on end and felt no ear fatigue at all and always felt comfortable. The sound is amazing and incredibly accurate, the building is stunning and sturdy, cables sound good, and I tried different headphone preamps and connected it straight to different sounds cards and devices and sounded great on all of them. The more I used the LCD-X the more I fell in love with them, to my surprise, it seems I like open back headphones after all, well, I Iike these ones! They're a 5 out of 5, 100 out of 100 score for me, they simply sound incredible."

Audeze started in 2008 in a garage (of course!) when its founders came across a revolutionary flexible circuit material developed for NASA. Realizing this could be a great advance in planar magnetic technology, they first started to make pro audio PA speakers, but dropped this projectand started making headphones – the LCD-1. Taking this first headphone to the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, it was a tremendous hit, andthat success launched the company. Hanging on that garage wall was the 2001 Space Odyssey poster, and that inspired the company’s name. The founders wanted a name that had somethingto do with a “journey through audio,” so Odyssey would be perfect, and that’s how the name Audeze (pronounced “odyssey”) was born. –

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