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Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Soyuz Sessions: Songbird Rett Madisoni, Theo Katzmani ja Lee Pardini esituses

Laulja-laulukirjutaja Rett Madison ja muusikute Theo Katzmani (Vulfpeck) ja Lee Pardini (Dawes) võimas esitus Fleetwood Maci „Songbird'ist“ koos Soyuz 017 TUBE lampmikrofoniga vokaalil, 023 BOMBLET Wurlitzeril ja uus 013 TUBE pulkmikrofonipaar akustilisel kitarril.

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Soyuz mikrofonide müügiinfo Eestis:


Also used quite a lot during this weeks's recording sessions in Tartu - the Soyuz SU-017! I mainly used it on acoustic guitar, electric guitars, bagpipes & drums! The main characteristic that I love about this microphone is how airy and natural it sounds! Completely took the acoustic guitar sound to another level! @soyuzmicrophones @msonicbaltic

The SOYUZ SU-013 small diaphragm condenser microphone stereo pair, that comes with 3 different polar pattern capsules, offers a lot of versatility. I mainly used the SU-013 as room microphones in 2 albums, for piano, acoustic guitar, drums (also used them as OHs) and I was very surprised with the detail & definition of these microphones, even as room microphones far away from the source! Super warm, sound huge and clean, great tone, great build & finish! Another great piece from Tula & SOYUZ! @soyuzmicrophones @msonicbaltic