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Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Melodium 42Bn Ribbon Microphone - Featuring Theo Lawrence

The iconic Melodium 42B ribbon microphone, originally built by Charles Bouteleau and Émile Furn in Paris in the early 1940s, is back. Rebuilt and optimised by the expert team at Kerwax, the 42Bn revives one of the biggest and most well-regarded ribbon microphones. —Melodium 42Bn Features— - The largest ribbon microphone ever made, recreated for the 21st century. - Original magnet technology using 4 x AlNiCo 600 magnets, creating a closed magnetic loop that provides a warm, smooth, and organic sound, like the original one. - A vintage aesthetic combined with modern improvements designed with classic and modern studio needs in mind. - Designed and 100% handbuilt in France using ecologically sustainable practices and locally sourced parts. Less than 1% plastic, 100% recyclable. —Gear used— - Melodium 42Bn Ribbon Microphone - Polygram/Philips Preamplifier - EMT 140 Plate Reverb - Antelope Orion 32 Produced by Christophe Chavanon and Theo Lawrence Video by Nevil Bernard Post Production by Happy Garden