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Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

Crane Song Solaris Quantum D/A Converter Review (2020)

The Set Up Before The Crane Song Solaris 0:40 Why The Need For The Crane Song Solaris 0:50 Findings 1:22 A/B Testing Previous Set Up 2:42 Jon and Brandon Weil of Fuzzywallz Mastering review the Crane Song Solaris Quantum D/A Converter. Watch Jon explain exactly why he went for the Solaris and how he has grown to love this Digital / Audio converter and it is now a fixture in the Fuzzywallz stable of mastering gear. All the music you hear in this video was written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Fuzzywallz Mastering, much of it using the Crane Song reviewed right here. Stay tuned for more! Visit us at - Get a FREE Mix Review - Follow us on Instagram - Like us on Facebook - Follow us on Twitter - Music Credits: “Second Thing”, "Sweet Paradise" and “First Thing” all written, recorded, mixed and mastered by Jon and Brandon Weil. ABOUT FUZZYWALLZ MASTERING The Weil brothers grew up making, recording and listening to music together in the original room with fuzzy walls. Mastering is now the focus at their Seattle-based studio; lovingly dubbed, “The Echo Lake Suite”. A combination of optimized audio equipment and personalized approach fuels their ever-growing client base. With the majority of final mixes coming in online, Fuzzywallz Mastering can serve local artists and those from around the world. #cranesong #cranesongsolarisreview #quantumDA #masteringgear #fuzzywallz