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Photo credit: LICHTBILDER - Reinhard Goldmann
Courtesy of Clay Paky-Lightpower

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Huvitav artikkel Soome Rahvusooperi renoveerimisel tehtud helitehnilistest lahendustest, kus kasutusse läks d&b audiotechnik uus Y-seeria line array koos arrayprotsessinguga, et tagada sarnased kuulamistingimused esiridadest tagaridadesse. Y-seeria line arrayd on võimalik näha Tallinnas 18. mail Rock Cafes, lisainfo siit: #democracyforlisteners #dbaudiotechnik #arrayprocessing #msonic
Solutions: Finnish National Opera utilises d&b system for sound overhaul - Installation

Improving on the previous system – as well as a move into musical theatre and surround sound – was behind the complete refurbishment of the audio systems at this prestigious venue. Because much of opera is not played out in the listeners’ native…

Testing SOYUZ Microphones for msonic Baltic! Already used this SU-017 on vocals in two full albums and the results are very impressive! For example, this microphone has been used in albums like A Head Full Of Dreams (Coldplay), After Laughter (Paramore), A Moon Shaped Pool (Radiohead)! A few more tests & comparisons to run before I can post my review! News soon! @msonicbaltic @soyuzmicrophones